How the Speedmaster became the Moonwatch

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Technical Specs from Thomas Prescher
Special features
• Flying tourbillon construction on all axes
• Movement, Caliber TP 3W6A.3, designed and constructed in-house
• First flying triple axis tourbillon wristwatch
• Tourbillon is secured in a special design to absorb shocks
• Time indication with jumping hour and minutes powered by the rotation of the tourbillon

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MSJ: I tend to like older watches in general. Right now I'm really into 70's chronographs, like Mark 3 Speedmasters and I did recently get a [Seiko] Pogue. I like the designs from that era as I feel the designers were really trying to envision the future, which makes for some great looking pieces. I also like aged lume and a few nicks on a piece, lets you know that someone enjoyed it! Even on new pieces, I like putting on a leather strap that will wear. Unfinished material is great for this: the color slowly gets richer; it marbles; it gains life and interest as it ages. Or I will use reclaimed leather, which can add a wonderful contrast to pristine time piece.

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Luminosity is measured in units called "lux." The standard for measuring lume is ISO 17514. The absolute minimum visible light is 1e-5 lux. You need instrument-grade hardware to measure that. Here's a plot showing 3 lume watches versus a tritium watch. Note that the tritium is constant at about 0.0004, and the lume is initially much brighter, crossing over around 200 to 5000 seconds later.

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