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A FratelloWatches Reader And His Space Watches

Casio has no doubt been looking closely at how GB-6900 and other G-Shock Bluetooth watch owners have been using their watches, as well as the lifestyle of those customers in trying to determine the best way that a G-Shock and phone can live together. Casio does not strictly pen the G-Shock Bluetooth watches as "smartwatches," and we aren't sure why, though it is true that these timepieces are closer to traditional watches than they are to the new generation of touch-screen timepieces with highly customizable screens. Rather, Casio prefers the term "Bluetooth Smart" to describe the nature of the GB-6900B and GB-X6900B watches.

Frederique Constant FC-710MC4H6 Classics Manufacture Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Someone who is truly an expert will be able to notice the subtle BMW car styling cues on the watch. I didn't catch them all. BMW was picky about design and according to Ball, "knew exactly" what they wanted. It took about two years of back and forth between the two brands to finalize the designs. Even without the BMW connection the watches would look good. I think that is a key message to the collection. They aren't cool because they have a Ball and BMW logo. They are cool on their own and happen to have a BMW logo on top of that. I think that makes a big difference.

Cartier Rotonde Automatic Skeleton

As I mentioned earlier, the Intoxicated will read out the time and date; you also have the capability to set an alarm. There's one last feature on the watch that more models coming from TokyoFlash (Tokyo Flash) seem to share - the presence of a rechargeable battery. Charging via USB, it will take about three hours to reach a full charge, which should last for about a month of normal usage.

The folding clasp on the Rolex Milgauss is one that can create some debates.  Unlike the Oyster Flip Lock clasp that is found on the GMT Master II, this one does not have a folding lock and uses a loose bit that you pull with fingers (or nail) or push to create a lock.  That lever-like bit, even when closed, seems to be dangling and does not appear to be securely locked, while the rest of the clasp does lock quite nicely. At first, I did not appreciate this bracelet style, since the dangling part of the bracelet seemed to swivel a bit…  However, I have to come to appreciate the fact that it is a lot easier to open and close this bracelet than the Oyster Flip Lock on the GMT Master II. And for a daily wearer at work, I found that the simplicity of the Rolex Milgauss bracelet allows me to adjust it on my wrist quickly and efficiently without even looking at the watch and loosing any concentration on the task at hand.

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Hands-On With Some RGM Caliber 801 American Made Watches Hands-On

ToykoFlash Kisai Intoxicated Watch With Breathalyzer

ToykoFlash Kisai Intoxicated Watch With Breathalyzer

I heard a lot about the unique "chime" of a minute repeater watch - they are in the high-end luxury category.

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We Take A Closer Look At Two Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI Watches

Minutes are read via the tourbillon tube. How to explain in words..? OK, so the tourbillon is a triple axis tourbillon so I will explain how it works. First is the tourbillon itself which spins on its axis once each minute. Second, the tourbillon rotates on the little arm holding it in place once each minute. So those are two axis points. The third point is that it moves around the entire open area once each hour. Thus, the little arm/tube holding the tourbillon in place revolved around the entire cage area each hour and can be used as a minute hand. There is a small arrow to help, but sadly no indicator around the porthole style window.

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It might be fair to say that the real distinction of a "mystery" watch innovator goes to Swiss brand Quinting. Those guys make some wildly interesting electronic quartz watches that for years have used transparent sapphire crystals to mount hands in order to create an "invisible setting" effect. They have cool stuff like chronographs and other interesting watches that apply this principle. While neat, I think Quinting still struggles a bit given their high price and quartz movement interior. That isn't to say that aren't pretty fantastic. On the mechanical watch front, you have some new mystery watch options from Konstantin Chaykin, and now Cartier.

IWC Replica Portofino added a new series of single-button chronograph function

As the name implies, the Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT comes in a 44mm wide case. Given the wide lugs is sits a bit large on the wrist - which I like. Having said that, I personally can only wear this smaller size version of the Breitling Chronomat GMT. The original version which is just called the "Chronomat GMT" is 47mm wide. It looks the same but is just larger. Even if you can normally wear 47mm wide watches (as I do sometimes), you might want to try it on first if the 44 sounds too small for you. The lugs are very long and you should ensure that the they don't extend off your wrist. Attached to the Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT here is one of Breitling's nice steel "Pilot" bracelets. It also comes in a range of straps, which include Barenia leather, crocodile leather, Ocean Racer rubber, and Diver Pro rubber.

Follow-up review from Guy in Canada, winner of the MTM Silencer watch giveaway on aBlogtoWatch last October.

Wally Schirra's Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional

In some regard the equation of time is the ultimate useless, yet emotional complication. It is a scale that goes from plus or minus 15 minutes on the dial. What does it do? The idea is to show you the difference between the true solar time and the "civilian" time. This is also called the difference between the apparent solar time and the mean solar time. This exists because based on where you are standing on this planet, the time might look a bit different. This difference is always somewhere between plus or minus 15 minutes.

Watch brands don't like it when people talk about discounting because frankly, it hurts their business. Price discounting is a sort of consumer epidemic as companies have long since relied on the ability to make consumers feel like they are getting a good deal by allowing for discounting to happen a lot of the time. That doesn't play out as well in the luxury business. And have no confusion about it, for the most part, watches exist in the luxury business. If you like nice watches you sort of have to get used to the pricing.

While the watch was years off, the brand was in the planning phase. Their guiding principle was to work with notables from Switzerland who were the best. You may recall the Fonderie 47 transforming cufflinks (covered here), that were designed by Roland Iten. Now two years later the Fonderie 47 super-lux watch is finally here. It was known for a while that it was going to be pretty high-end with a target price of about 0,000 or more. Fonderie 47 didn't want to market the watch but rather to sell it direct to their niche pool of elite customers. Then Zapolski informed me that he was no longer part of Fonderie 47. The press release for this Inversion Principle watches doesn't even mention his name. Not really sure about the details, but business is business I guess.

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The combination of elements and design in the Sinn EZM 10 make it a really desirable timepiece in my opinion. Sinn actually released a range of very nice watches for 2012, so I expect even better stuff from them next year. The EZM 10 is priced higher than its counterparts given all the little details. Though it still isn't a wildly expensive watch. In Europe the price for the Sinn EZM 10 ranges from 3,950 - 4,250 Euros. Via the US distributor, the price is ,670 on the leather strap.

Baselworld 2013: Casio PRO TREK PRW-3000 - New Sensor In Smaller Case Watch Releases

For more information visit Ulysse Nardin's website.

Are limited edition luxury IWC Replica watches depreciating assets

Baselworld 2013: Casio PRO TREK PRW-3000 - New Sensor In Smaller Case Watch Releases

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My First Grail Watch: Jean-Claude Biver

My First Grail Watch: Jean-Claude Biver

This is an exclusive first look at a new Breitling limited edition version of the Avenger Seawolf dive-style watch called the Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow. There isn't too much different here compared to the standard Avenger Seawolf aside from the black-coated steel case and yellow accents, but the design certainly his a sweet spot mixing military style with serious diver functionality. Breitling watch lovers will also recognize that the Avenger Seawolf  Code Yellow is a modern three-hand version of the popular older limited edition Breitling Super Avenger Blacksteel Chronograph watch (pictured below).

It’s Time To Spring Ahead!

It is in this context that Jack Heuer, the honorary chairman of the now TAG Heuer company, would make one of the boldest moves in the Swiss watch industry.  Driven by a passion for the sport as well as their superbly crafted mechanical chronographs, under Jack's leadership, Heuer would become the first watch company to be the official timekeeper for various racing circuits, and in a genius business move, Heuer chronographs would also adorn the wrists of many of the leading drivers.

Baselworld 2013: TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber 36 Flyback Chronographs Watch Releases
Jo Siffert spotting his "Heuer Chronomatic" adorned race suit

Little note on Spring Drive as well. A Seiko executive has told us that (at least for the rest of the world outside of Japan) they will be keeping Spring Drive movements exclusively for Grand Seiko collection pieces.

LAST CHANCE: Wryst Airborne Watch Giveaway

LAST CHANCE: Wryst Airborne Watch Giveaway

Perrelet Turbine Chrono Watch Watch Releases