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Exhibitors at the Hong Kong show mostly shy away from having pictures of their goods taken. This is a strange sentiment toward a journalist, but I understand (sort of). In a place where intellectual property laws are routinely disregarded everyone is afraid of copying. Even if their own designs are not particularly original. I suspect it is a cultural reaction at this point to having cameras around your goods. At least a few times during the show I needed to pursue the matter of taking images at a booth with the person in charge. "Listen, I am the press. See, that is what my badge says. I am here to cover your stuff. I want to write about it because I like it. Without pictures I can't do that. So is it cool if I take pictures of your stuff through this glass? I promise they won't come out that great anyway." Sometimes a reluctant "yes," sometimes a continuous shake of the head declining my offer. Other times almost an argument. "Whatever!" And I move on to the next brand whose name is just as uncreative as the last. My favorite was "Wealthy Shiny Limited." The real soul of the show is not the watches but the drive of the people. The resolute way they re-purpose designs, budgetize luxury looks, and get creative with colors. In fact, if there is one thing the show does not lack, it is hue-riffic stimulation. Colors abound. Watches take a more modern role here as fun fashion items or useful wrist wear. The hallmark of "traditional watchmaking" is barely seen.

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Straight from the mouth of Jean-Claude Biver, "Ferrari and Hublot are now married. Where Ferrari goes, Hublot must go as well." Ferrari executives grin as the godfather of Hublot enthusiastically memorializes the relationship between the two brands by unveiling the new Big Bang Ferrari watch. Those familiar with the brand, who have a careful eye, will know just what this watch means. In a sense, it is a summation of the many ranged accomplishments that Jean-Claude Biver has achieved during his time as CEO of the brand.

Here's the steel buckle on the wrist, protruding just a bit.

Attached to the case is a brown suede-style leather strap with racing style perforations. The rugged looking strap helps give the instrument-style dial a bit more personality. The watch is also available on a metal Carrera bracelet - which will turn it into a watch that fits very well at SpaceX headquarters (I can imagine). With a release of around November, 2012, the limited edition of the 2,012 piece Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX Chronograph watch will retail for ,800.

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Bell & Ross Vintage BR Sport Watch Hands-On

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Omega has been producing James Bond limited edition watches for some time and personally, being only a casual fan of the Bond films, I don't entirely understand the appeal. I can appreciate the overlap for both watch enthusiasts and Bond fans, but Bond doesn't actually wear that version of the watch, he is wearing the standard version, and that is the one I would have. Being both a Seamaster owner and a fan of the Planet Ocean line up, I like that Omega has been able to continually link their line of dive watches with the Bond character and feel that James Bond, being a fictional character, is a perfectly hyperbolic portrait of the Seamaster's core values. A dressy but tool-ready dive watch that is not afraid of a scratch, splash, or the occasional car chase.

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For about a decade, Lange fans have been asking the German brand to re-release the Datograph or come out with something new yet similar. In 2012 Lange responded with the Datograph Up/Down... called the Auf/Ab in Germany. The piece is a slight but satisfying evolution on the original watch with some upgrades.

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Overall, the Santos 100 makes for a stylish daily watch that can easily be worn at the club or in a business meeting. My only quibble with the Santos 100 is its relatively high-price, ,400 for the large version (shown here) and ,250 for the smaller (W2020007). This is especially true when you consider that Cartier uses their caliber 49 movement for this watch, which is a modified ETA 2892.

PetStraps uses the highest quality parts and processes to ensure that your beloved PetStrap satisfies you completely. Most straps have an Italian leather or rubber liner on which the dead pet parts are glued. Everything is hand-made and each customer gets a personal guarantee that their passed-on pet gets treated with respect and dignity as they are transformed into wrist wear.

HD3 currently offers a few styles of the Slyde. I have the steel model, but it also comes in titanium. There are also steel and titanium versions with PVD black segments, and a version with some 18k rose gold trim. Don't miss the model with diamonds on the lugs. The case is quite comfortable, but larger at almost 48mm wide and about 58mm tall. The entire case curves for comfort, and the wide strap helps it look composed. I like the different metal finishes and the polished edges on the case. For me, the design nicely mixes Swiss watch and gadget. There are no buttons on the case. On the right side of it are five little lights. Well one of them looks like a light but is actually a light sensor. These glow when the screen is activated or while charging the watch. The number of lights that turn on indicate the battery life. Slyde suggests charging the watch once each couple of weeks depending on your use. I got at least that much battery life out of it. You can set how long the screen stays activated from the computer-based software that comes with the watch.

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One reason for this was cost. A parent wanting to get their child a good Swiss watch was running out of options. Sure there was Swatch – but that is hardly a way to promote a youngster into being a serious watch lover. With the mechanical watch industry reinventing itself as a luxury lifestyle product, many of the items that parents might have bought for their children 10 or 15 years earlier were simply being priced out of the “I would get it for a 12 year old” segment. That is certainly the truth more than ever today. Buying an Omega or Rolex for a youngster in your life is more expensive than getting them a computer, mobile phone, and audio device – combined.

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Without T-Touch, Tissot really wouldn't be what it is today. Each year we get at least one new model of the popular touch-screen watch - maybe the original touch-screen watch. The way it works is simple. You press the pusher on the right side of the case to "activate" the sapphire crystal, and then you press various areas to activate or adjust certain functions. For that reason, you have functions listed around the periphery of the dial.

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So why isn't it just "gold Liquidmetal"? Because it isn't. The Liquidmetal process is very similar to Ceragold, but uses a different type of metal. Ceragold actually uses gold. In a nutshell, the ceramic bezel is formed and then the numeral and index holes are engraved in the ceramic bezel disc. After a conductive layer is formed in the engraved area, layers of 18k red gold are applied using an "electroforming" process. Next, the excess gold is polished off and the Ceragold bezel is finished. Omega details the Ceragold process rather well here.

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Dial: Silver-toned guilloché

Article contributed by E.M. Maximilien:

With 24mm lugs, there are lots of strap options due to the Panerai influence. I'd been meaning to check out the new segmented-plastic bracelets made popular by the JLC Navy Seals, so I bought one from Panatime to try here. At a super-light 33g for the bracelet, it's an excellent complement to a titanium watch: